UK-Based Saas Product Development and Support

UK Specialist in business management software and support. Rakata has been actively developing SuiteCRM and Dolibarr for over 10 years. Furthermore, Rakata has developed specific SAAS solutions based on these products for advanced ERP logistics and Job & Field Management tools.

With over 120 customers utilising these tools and services around the UK. If you want a supplier to provide a complete end-to-end service you have come to the right place.

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Our Products

What We Do

We create customized digital management tools specifically for your company and people in it

Rakata provides support and consultancy for Dolibarr, SuiteCRM & nopCommerce to customers throughout Europe. Typical customers are businesses that can see the value of these great open-source solutions but would like enhanced support from experienced developers and users of the product where a simple phone call will enable customers to speak to support staff who know and understand the product and all based in the UK.

We work with every sized business

Rakata’s first two customers could not have been more diverse. The first was a start-up with 2 employees and the second with 180 employees and 30 million pounds revenue. This pattern has been followed pretty much ever since. We provide services to employees in 10 countries from individual traders to companies with over 800 employees in multiple European countries. Our value as a company is based on providing real tangible benefits in either CRM or ERP and fixing bespoke company technical issues that are agnostic to company size.

What sets us apart

Development & Customisation

We develop our own solutions and sell them to over 100 companies. It’s NOT mere reselling, we make sure our solutions are right for your business and if not – we won’t take on the work. We work towards a long-term relationship. Many of our customers have been with us for well over 10 years, and to do this, you have to be offering added value.

We are all technical at heart

We do not employ sales staff sent out to sell a product at all costs. We develop our solutions and sell them based on the value they offer. If they do NOT offer value and tangible benefits, we will NOT sell them. We often get calls from customers who have complex system and software issues and want a partner to take ownership and fix them!


Humble Beginners?

We are not a synthetic organisation made from acquisitions or mergers. We started 15 years ago with our first invoice for simply £30. We have grown organically with the overwhelming majority of our expansion coming from customer referrals and recommendations. 


Complete end-to-end services

For the vast majority of our customers, we provide more than one service. Where we provide our SAAS solutions such are RakataCRM or Agri-ERP we also provide IT support services to many of these customers. We do this because customers ask us to, because we can provide a cost benefit to managing both and because we are fair and honest to deal with. We have a diversified portfolio generating income which means we do not have to extract every penny from our customers for every piece of work we do. For example, we do NOT markup hardware where we provide IT support and other software services e.g. CRM/Agri-ERP. Because we have essentially provided two combined services we are happy to source hardware and resell it at cost. We can take a long-term view knowing that a longer-term relationship will be in both our and the customers’ interest.

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