Maze Runner is an advanced logistics planning tool. With this technology at your fingertips, you can plan route schedules for entire vehicle fleets in seconds that would take hours to generate by other means.

Scheduling routes is complex and time-consuming. Right now, you are probably spending too much time organising your logistics planning. You know you could be more cost-effective… and you’re right! Maze Runner will fix this for your business.

Maze Runner can help you:

  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Reduce business resilience on critical employees with the knowledge of your routing logistics
  • Save time for route planning
  • Plan more efficient routes:
    • Reduce vehicle running costs
    • Reduce mileage travelled
    • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce planning mistakes

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Features cover:

  • Unlimited locations 
  • Unlimited vehicles 
  • Unlimited vehicle compartments

Fully integrated with Agri-ERP. 

Can be integrated with any other ERP/ logistics/ accounting system (costs apply). 

Types of vehicle routing problems (VRP) we solve.

Maze Runner is one the first products in the market that addresses Vehicle Routing with Compartments Under Product Incompatibility Constraints.

  • TSP (travelling salesman problem)
  • CVRP (capacitated VRP)
  • VRPTW (VRP with time windows)
  • MDHVRPTW (multi-depot heterogeneous vehicle VRPTW)
  • PDPTW (pickup-and-delivery problem with TW)
  • Multiple-compartment vehicle routing problem (MCVRP) – Click here to learn more.

Maze Runner calculates day logistics plans based on the following:

  • Multiple vehicles of different sizes  & specifications (e.g. tip or blown)
  • Routing with vehicle compartments 
  • Handles compartment loading and drop-off ordering
  • Schedule breaks 
  • Set vehicle start locations 
  • Set vehicle end locations 
  • Set the number of compartments per vehicle 
  • Set any number of parameters against the vehicle and location to ensure only the correct vehicle is routed to the correct location.  Examples include vehicle size, wheels, height, rear-wheel drive, blown or tip etc. 
  • Calculate the most efficient route between the location (The travelling salesman problem) 
  • Handle time spent at each location 

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