What is Maze Runner

Maze Runner is software that automates logistical and multi-vehicle planning schedules that can take businesses many hours to create in seconds. 

The system: 

  • Increases productivity of your employees! 
  • Reduces business resilience on critical employees with the knowledge of your routing logistics 
  • Saves time for route planning, and re-planning as circumstances change 
  • Plans more efficient routes:  
  1. Reduce mileage travelled 
  2. Save costs on fuel expenditure 
  3. Reduce environmental impact 
  4. Reduce vehicle running costs 
  5. Reduce driver costs 
  6. Reduce planning mistakes 
  7. Increase customer satisfaction 

Case Study

Our client provides quality feeds and nutritional advice for Dairy, Beef and Sheep farmers throughout the Southwest. They have significant logistical planning complexities which require highly skilled employees’ hours to plan each day. Maze Runner fixes this problem. 

Client’s headaches are: 

  • Multiple vehicle types (for example 6-wheeler, 8-wheeler, articulated lorry, low height, rear steer) 
  • Each vehicle’s load compartment has been sectioned off into various-sized bays which allow for differing-sized shipments. These sizes of compartments vary by number, and capacity, in each vehicle 
  • Vehicle off-loading must be handled in a specific order as loads must be taken from the back 
  • Vehicle off-loading can be done via a vacuum tube or by being tipped out. Both of these take a different amount of time and are dictated by the customer’s needs.
  • Locations may not be able to accept all vehicle types (e.g., a location may only be able to handle up to a 6-wheeled lorry) 
  • Locations may have a time delivery window that must be respected (for example only before 11 am) 
  • Vehicles start and finish and finish at a variety of times 
  • Vehicles start and finish at a variety of locations 
  • Vehicles must have scheduled breaks within certain periods to ensure the driver adheres to legislation 
  • Vehicle breakdown or staff are off sick, and this may need urgent attention to have the day schedule re-calculated.  

These can all be handled by Maze Runner at the press of a few buttons. 

The Benefits

Time Benefit 

Prior to Maze Runner, two skilled employees would take a combined 4 hours (0.5 FTE) to plan the routes each day.  With Maze Runner, the plans are produced in under 5 seconds.

Mileage Benefit  

Although still being reviewed as data is compared over time the customer believes Maze Runner is saving an estimated £80,000 in fuel alone each year across its fleet of 10 lorries. 

Business Expansion 

To enable our client to expand their business would require more than doubling the number of vehicles. The challenge employees would then face in planning would be exponentially more complex. Employees would be compelled to sacrifice planning efficiencies in favour of the practicalities to simply delivering the goods. The time aspect in planning alone would be a significant increase, likely resulting in them requiring more skilled employees. With Maze Runner, the increase in complexity would add mere seconds to the planning time and increase planning efficiency. Maze Runner is designed to undertake planning tasks that the human brain is simply not efficient at undertaking.